AZATOM 30W Home Hub Bluetooth Lightning Dock for iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5, Nano 7G/Touch 5G, iPad Mini/iPad

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  • Introducing the Radio Alarm Dock which sounds like a Hi-Fi... When AZATOM® designed the Home-Hub we decided to use the same acoustic technologies and high-grade level of components that w
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Introducing the Radio Alarm Dock which sounds like a Hi-Fi…

When AZATOM® designed the Home-Hub we decided to use the same acoustic technologies and high-grade level of components that we put into our more expensive speakers. The result is an dock which does not let you down on sound performance.

Designed for Entertainment…

Often alarm docks do their jobs as alarm clocks but fall short as entertainment devices. We decided to create a sleek alarm dock that delivered a genuinely enjoyable music experience. The Home-Hub is powerful enough and the sound quality good enough that as well as an alarm clock and a way of charging your Apple device, the Home-Hub brings musical enjoyment to whichever room you choose. Whether you are listening to iTunes whilst charging your phone, streaming music from internet streaming services such as Spotify or just listening to the radio, the Home-Hub genuinely delivers.

Clean, Modern Design…

The Home-Hub has been designed to give a sleek, modern look that fits in to any room. Materials have been chosen specifically to give the unit a smart finish and good tactile qualities. The design is deliberately unobtrusive and classical. When the dock is not being used, the top closes completely flat, giving the unit a clean, modern appearance.

High-Quality Sound…

The Home-Hub uses AZATOM® proprietary driver technology to give superb bass and treble reproduction from such a compact unit. A combination of more powerful, Neodymium magnets combined with higher density driver materials allow the speakers to deliver powerful sounding music without distortion and with no signs of ‘tininess’. The Home-HubTM has been tuned for maximum enjoyment.

**The Brand New AZATOM® Home-Hub is a Docking Station, a Wireless Speaker, a Radio and an Alarm Clock all-in-one **

  • Lightning Connector – Fully Compatible with all Apple products with the Lightning Connector – including iPhone 5, the new iPhone 5S and 5C, Touch 5G, Nano 7G, iPad Mini and ‘iPad with Retina Display’ – Charge your Apple device whilst you play your music
  • 2 Bass Ports for Deep Bass – 30 Watts – Superb Stereo Sound – AZATOM® Proprietary Technology High Density Drivers – Neodymium Magnets for Powerful Sound – Adjustable EQ Settings
  • Automatically takes the Time and Date information from your Apple device when Docked – Dual Alarm Clock – set for Weekdays, Weekends and/or All Week – Snooze Function – FM Radio – Auto Tune – 20 Presets – Sleep Timer – Adjustable Display Brightness – Wake up to Radio, your Music or the Buzzer – Remote Control
  • High-Grade Bluetooth for Wireless Streaming – allows you to Play your Music from any Bluetooth-enabled Phone, Tablet or Laptop whilst continuing to Text or use the Internet – the Home-Hub is compatible with virtually all smartphones through Bluetooth including Samsung, HTC’s, Blackberry’s, Sony’s and many, many more – Perfect for Internet Streaming Services such as Spotify, Deezer and Last.FM – When the dock is not in use, it folds completely out of sight
  • We called this dock the Home-Hub because it can be used anywhere in the house and it can do so much: A Hi-Fi and Charger for your iPhone, a High-Performance Wireless Speaker for any Bluetooth-enabled Device (including Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops), a Radio and an Alarm Clock. Perfect for the Sitting Room, the Bedroom, the Study or the Kitchen… Whatever you need from your Music Speaker…. the AZATOM® Home-Hub has it covered

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